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 Summer Colors


 Thank You, Sun..

 Perfect Print, Perfect Frame

 Tiles that look like wood..Cool!

 Thank you to all the farmers who chose to remain as pure and sustainable as possible over the years. Thank you for Loving what you do.


 Gotta Love these Tribal Havaianas

 What if you fly?..

This may just be on my next List of books to read...


 Sibu Beauty Liquid supplement for skin, hair & nails

 Living Libations Sea Buckthorn Best Skin Ever

 Living Libations Wild Child Healthy Gum Drops

 Dr. Sponge Charcoal Facial Cleansing Konjac Sponge

Raw Cereal with dairy-free milk recipe


 Flowing pose


 Discipline Yourself..

 Reading Loves You!

 Neon Pineapples

 You become what you eat..


 Afro' Centric.

 Garden wall of Succulents.

Opportunities to Create.


Girl Boss By: Sophia Amoruso

Eating For Beauty By: David Wolfe

The Body Book By: Cameron Diaz

The Glitter Plan By: Pamela Skaist-Levy & Gela Nash-Taylor


 Luscious Flower Crown


 Lokai Earth Bracelet HERE

 Teeth Meridians

 I love the Skeleton Staircases..

 To feel Appreciated.

 Black&White painted brick #StoreFront

Raised bed Vegetable gardens <3 

 Growing your Own food

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 I truly believe that there is a healthy and unhealthy version of most of the diets we practice today and it all comes down to the difference between whole-food options and heavily processed options. We kind of have to throw away the labels sometimes and actually pay attention to what we're actually eating. There are many healthy meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans in the world and then there are unhealthy meat eaters, vegetarians and vegans whose kitchens and lives are filled with preservative laden packaged and frozen meals with very little nutrients.  In terms of Protein, there are a couple protein facts that are always important to remember. As a food combining rule, animal protein should never be combined with starches(rice, potatoes), it encourages Poor digestion and fermentation &  stagnation in your system. I try to eat the majority of my daily protein intake from 12noon to 1.30pm  because the body makes better use of it then whether you're building muscles or maintaining body weight. I also try to include many different whole food sources of protein and in my case, different sources of vegan whole food protein sources.

Personally, I've been eating less and less meat within the past 3 years without even realizing it. I've just been more interested i learning about and trying fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds that I never even knew existed. 

Today i'm sharing with you my favorite whole food sources of protein, most of which I include in my diet on a daily basis. The best part is, you can include these foods in your current diet, whether you're a meat-eater or not.


I love using sprouts on top of most of my meals for extra protein and nutrients. Sprouting is a technique used to boost the nutrition and gets rid of Enzyme Inhibitors. The technique makes beans, nuts and seeds easier for the body to digest. I find them to be sort of spicy and add lots of flavor to dishes. I prefer to eat most sprouts raw but you can cook them as well.


Chlorella is an excellent source of protein.  I like to take some of the tabs in my  handbag to chew on if I end up somewhere with no healthy food options around or if I'll just eat them around lunch time if I don't feel like eating a big salad heavy meal but I still want make sure that I get my greens in for the day.

Hemp Seeds

Hemp seeds are probably one of my favorite foods on the planet because you can make hemp milk with them and hemp milk, tastes amazing. I prefer hemp milk over all other nut and/or seed milks. I'll usually add it to smoothies or add it to a cereal with dried mulberries, buckwheat granola, frozen blueberries and some form of fresh fruit. Some days I'll use it as the base to an elixir/tonic drink.

Pumpkin Seeds

I mainly add this pumpkin seed protein to smoothies at breakfast or lunch. The powder smells like ice cream to me for some reason but it's basically just ground up pumpkin seeds. 

Liyf Essentials

Protein + Nutrients. Amino Acids are the building block of protein, Liyf essentials is an expert blend of 21 amino acids from whole foods sources like beet root, spinach, pea protein etc. It not only supplies you with adequate amounts of protein but it also supports your whole body. It's great for adding to smoothies or a plant based probiotic yogurt and excellent for taking on trips or vacation where you're not sure what food or nutrients will be available. It's probably the best protein supplement you can take on a daily basis if you don't have access to the other whole food that i've mentioned in this post.

Organic Traditions - Sacha Inchi Seeds

I recently tried these seeds and I love them. They have a mild peanut flavor but they're a seed, not a nut. They're very high in protein and they're great to have as a snack or add to a salad. Be sure to get the ones that are dehydrated, not roasted or they can become  a bit rancid and have a negative effect on the body or your digestion. This is true for most nuts especially those with a higher oil content. Organic traditions is the only brand I have found that dehydrated these seeds instead of roasting them.