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Water is important in many areas of our lives;
It's important to drink water as soon as you wake up. Our bodies work really hard to detox as we sleep which leaves us with lots of toxins running through our blood stream in the morning. Drinking water helps us to flush out some of those toxins and speed up our metabolism for the first meal of the day. Whenever I stop drinking water(1L first thing each morning)or don't drink enough, I feel like absolute crap. It's definitely a Good habit to make & keep. Drinking the same amount of water at night before bed can be beneficial as well...PLS drink, Filtered, Distilled or Spring water whenever possible. 
It's important to have a filter in the shower for the same reasons that we should be drinking filtered water.  There are many chemical substances in our water supply that interfere with our hormones and general health. When we shower or soak in a tub, our skin absorbs that water and everything that's in it. Most of these substances get absorbed into our bloodstreams like anything else we put on our skin.  This is especially important for people with sensitive skin, various skin conditions as well as those with thyroid/hormone imbalances. It is possible to install a filtration system for your entire house but it is more convenient for most to start with the shower head filter. I recommend these shower head filters by Culligan or Sprite HERE..HERE...OR HERE.  Different filters, filter different combinations of chemical matter and/or hard minerals so be sure to find out what's in the water where you are. 

I would Love to not have to take supplements but that's not the most realistic way to think right now.  Ideally, we should be able to get all the nutrients we need from our food but it's not possible until we put more effort into soil quality and understand how to truly maintain it.  There are very few people in the world without several nutrient deficiencies regardless of what they choose to label their diet. Some of the most common deficiencies today are Iron, Magnesium, Vit D3, Vit C, Zinc, B Vitamins... Food sensitivities & Auto Immune diseases are on the rise and most of us are extremely low on minerals, Enzymes and Probiotics(Good Bacteria). Taking an omega supplement and turmeric formula or including turmeric in our meals can be very helpful for those of us with weak or inflamed digestive tracks and colons. Please don't wait until it's too late, be pre-active, get your levels checked, you're worth it! I rely mostly on organic & wild harvested Super foods and herbs as my supplements. I like the brands MegaFood, Quint Essentials, Organic India, Omica, ProAlive, NuTru...
-Go to Sleep before 11pm
Sleep is always more important than we realize. One of the most important things about sleep is what time of the day we go to sleep, It's just as important as how many hrs of sleep one gets.... I know that life does not always allow us a perfect schedule and sometimes you just end up going to sleep at 2am because we want to complete that project or we're spending time with a group of friends whom we haven't seen in a while because they live in a different country... The most important thing is training your body to sleep at the right time and waking up early so that when you get back from that vacation, that long flight or that week of all-nighters you'll be able to fall right back into those Good sleeping habits.  You have to want good sleeping habits to make good sleeping habits happen. Here's how to make it happen if you current find yourself going to sleep at 2am but your goal is to be sleep by 10:30pm the work your way up to it, go to sleep at 1am the next night and then midnight the next night until you get the your goal time. Setting an alarm for bedtime can be really helpful as well. Try it, before you know it, your body will begin to shutdown and restart at the times that you have programmed yourself to.

-Eat as clean as possible; Avoid processed foods, table salt, gluten and choose Organic & non-gmo whenever possible

I'm not going to say that we were not designed to eat beef and/or other animal proteins but we certainly weren't built to consume them in the amounts that most humans do on a daily basis. Whatever your current diet may be, including more fruits and vegetable is always a good place to start. The more you know, the more you can grow and change/improve if you so choose to.

-Pre-plan for Main meals & snacks

I cannot stress how important it is to be prepared...As much as I love food, I understand the importance of eating healthy which has led me to discover some new and amazing options. No seriously, you would be surprised how good the healthier options can taste...It never fails to blow my mind. The most amazing thing about eating healthier over time is that your taste buds adjust, so the healthier you get, the better healthy food will taste to you over time. If I'm not prepared, I may end up eating whatever is try to think of different ways and options, make a plan so that you can eat healthier throughout the day whether you are at home or on the go. See some of my favorite snack options HERE

- Drinks...

Water is Awesome and we could not live without it but let's admit it, water can be pretty bland sometimes. Coconut water, Smoothies, Freshly juiced Juices, Teas(caffeine-free), Iced tea (made with natural sweeteners)and Kombucha are all great options to keep you hydrated. Give 'em a try, you seriously won't even miss soda! Fruit infused water can also be a great option and if you really want something fizzy then try natural 'Mineral water' it's original bubbly-like state straight from the earth.

-Switch your Home Cleaning Products, choose natural options

 Have you ever wondered if there might just be another way to clean your bathroom without covering your nose or getting a headache from the chemical fumes. Do we even have any idea what this stuff can do to us? Luckily, it's not necessary to kill ourselves while we clean our homes. It's actually quite easy to switch over to more natural cleaning products that are just as effective if not better. Aside from the obvious fumes, chemical cleaning products can contribute to migraines and hormone imbalances. The great news is you can make you own quick, easy and affordable cleaning products at home. They are just as effective, don't you worry(See some of the home-made cleaning ingredients & recipes I use HERE) . You can also purchase more natural cleaning products from companies like 'The Honest Company' and 'Nature Clean ...

-Switch Hair, Makeup and personal hygiene products, choose natural options

It was somewhat difficult to part with some of my old favorite products in the beginning but it has also been fun and extremely informative learning more about the beauty industry and what's in these personal hygiene products that we all use on a daily basis. It can be overwhelming but it felt like knowing more about everything in this area helped me to make more informed decisions about what I would choose to use on my body.

 See the products I use in my skincare Routine HERE, My shower routine products HERE, My favourite Hair care brands HERE and find out what all-natural Oral care looks like HERE
-Support & Self-Education

When you've decided that you want to commit to a healthy lifestyle, the influence of those who are already there is so Important. Surround yourself with the support & encouragement of these people as much as you can because you're going to need it to resist & recovery from any temptation in the beginning esp if no one else in your life is on board or willing to encourage or support you. It's a commitment but it requires work because you're forming new habits. Educate yourself, get excited and every single day do more and more of the little things that will make you achieve that healthy lifestyle. Don't give up if you slip up, remember why you started;...To feel good, Have more energy, what ever it read the books you feel the need to read and listen to the people that inspire you, try new things; new recipes, new fitness activities, new friends, whatever works for you as it relates to your healthy lifestyle goals. See who has inspired me the most HERE

-Detox/colon cleansing; Enemas& Colon cleanses and worming through out the year(2-4 times)

Colonics and/colon cleansing can change your life! It will improve your digestion, strengthen your colon, can help get rid of brain fog and overall help make you a better person! A series of Colonics are often used for health improvement and part of cancer treatment in the world of Alternative Medicine.  If you are interested in trying colonics to improve your own health, I suggest the Gravity Fed Colonics Method. You can learn more about it HERE and HERE. Gravity Fed Enemas and herbal worming formulas taken orally are also helpful in-between colonics or if you don't have the option or access to a colon hydro therapist. Colonics can be helpful for many different reasons and doing them at least twice a year can be quite helpful in improving or maintaining your health. Parasites live inside everyone of us but how many we have are directly determined by how healthy we are. It's important to create an environment within our bodies and minds that make parasites not able to multiply or eat away at our brains and bodies. Doing colonics and drinking lots of water can wash out some of them, most parasites are quite stubborn and will not give up without a fight.

-Exercise & Circulation; Rebounding, Hooping, Yoga, Muscle Ropes, Paddle boarding, Hiking, Riding a bike.
 Some prefer more vigorous exercise while others do what seems like very little but it's really not about how long or intense the workout is...It about choosing fitness activities that fit into your lifestyle and your current level of fitness. Not everyone needs to go to a gym, there are so many fitness activities that you can choose from and you don't have to do the same workout routine all the time... I do think exercise is important and everyone should do some form of exercise but the truth is if it doesn't fit into your lifestyle, the habit most likely won't last.. There are so many activities like walking and rebounding that are simple and can be very beneficial to anyone. Start simple and as you get stronger, learn something new.. There are so many fun fitness options out there to learn about, find out what is most interesting to you and make it part of your lifestyle. See some of my favorites HERE, HERE & HERE.
All information in this post were inspired by my own health journey and personal experiences and results. I am not a medical professional.
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By: Viktor Frankl

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 Edible flowers are better than sugar sprinkles in every way!
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