Tuesday, November 25, 2014


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Serious Man Crush...Joffrey Lupul.
Love a good African Print.  This piece is by designer,Stella Jean. 
 Papaya & Pitaya


Shades Jennifer or Sarah
I began using this Liquid foundation back in June/July of this year. I was looking for product with ingredients I felt good about. I was also looking for  more of a matte finish with a light to medium coverage. 
This stuff is nothing short of Amazing! It had the most Relaxing scent and a Lovely mix of ingredients, starting with Aloe Vera juice... I wish I made it myself!...The person who came up with this formula is a Natural Makeup Genius..and I was sort of jealous that I'm not her. It's okay, I'm over it now :-)
The coverage is buildable from light to medium coverage. It gives a nice even finish to normal skin but if you have blemishes then you made need to cover them with a light coat of concealer first.
 I'm in the shade Jennifer or Sarah, depending on how tanned I am.. If you're not sure about your shade, you can buy little sample packets of different shades and test them out to find your perfect match.
This foundation tends to oxidize just a little bit. Jennifer usually looks one shade lighter when it's just applied and then adjusts to my actually shade by the time I'm done with the rest of my makeup and then stays that shade throughout the day.
Made from 100% hemp fibre with a different exfoliating grade/texture on each side.. Using a damp/wet exfoliating cloth with your cleanser is such a great way to cleanse and exfoliate your face at the same time.
It's also a great option for travel because it weighs nothing and will save you a wad of cash in the long run if you choose this over an electric face brush or your favourite pack of makeup wipes that you usually have to replace every month.
I'm really glad I decided to try one of these reusable exfoliating face cloths. Makes my face feel super Smooth & Clean, saves me money and I really have no excuse to take of my makeup at night because it's so quick, Easy and Effective. Granted, if you've got on a ton of eye makeup and fake lashes on, then go ahead use a makeup wipe  or cotton round once in a while.
I rinse the cloth and hang it to dry after every use. Hemp fibre has natural anti-bacterial properties so I don't worry about it not being clean enough or safe enough to use every day. You can throw it in the washing machine or soak it in some white/apple cider & water, then rinse with mild soap or your face cleanser, once a week for a deep clean.
I'm all about chopsticks right now! They make eating fun and they also make me eat slower for some reason which i'm sure my digestive system is pretty happy about..You know, the whole chewing well before you swallow thing..It's just a good thing to care about..
These things are made from bamboo/wood which means that they won't get taken away from you anywhere. I originally got them as travel utensils but now I use them every day too. I think they make food taste better, maybe less metallic.. but that may just be the new addict in my talking...:-) We'll see how they hold up but so far I am thoroughly impressed with them, they are super strong and well made <3

Friday, November 7, 2014


White Lion Cub 

 LoL.. Still Searching
To let yourself be..
 At first glance I thought this was an abstract art/tye-dyed denim jacket with White sleeves...
 Banana Island
 Neoprene Carnival HERE #KiiniBrand
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Heal Yourself 101 By Markus Rothkranz

The Prosperity Secret by Markus Rothkranz

Instructions for a New Life By Markus Rothkranz

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 1Sheep,2Sheep, 3Sheep..Shit, I Want Cookies
 Banana Icecream & Date Rawnola
Metallic Mermaid


 NeilMed Porcelain NetiPot
I've had this Neti Pod for a couple years and I've recently started using it again. There are so many benefits to keeping your Nasal passages clean. It's one of those ancient practices that most of us have forgotten all about or just don't make time for.
A Slightly warm distilled water and some neti salt solution cleans and disinfections the sinus passages so that mold and fungus and other germy germs are not able to stagnate and multiply there, so that you don't get sick every time winter roles around. Following the instructions on the package, pour the solution in one nostril with your head at a 90degree angle. The solution will go all the way through your nasal passage and come out of the opposite nostril. Switch nostrils and do the same thing on the other side. 
Portobello Mushrooms
I was never really a big fan of eating mushrooms until I tried the Vegan Paleo Bowl at Live Organic Food Bar Restaurant. Since then I've started making meals of my own using Fresh mushrooms. Mushrooms can be tricky, they taste pretty gross straight from a can because the texture is just weird but when you get them fresh you have to use them with 2 to 3 days because mushrooms tend to lose their flavor pretty quickly. It would probably be best to grow your own or get them from a local source that you feel good about to ensure their freshness since some mushrooms tend to grow mold and fungus when they're just left in a bulk bin at the super market.

Mushrooms are a really good Food source of Vitamin D and they help to strengthen the Immune system.

Now Solutions Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

A diffuser can be a great way to disinfect your indoor air with the use of water and Essential oils but Most people use Diffusers for aromatherapy. I'm still playing around with scents but I mainly use tea tree oil on it's own in my diffuser. This one happens to be BPA- Free which is always a plus when it comes to anything made of plastics.

Sunday, October 12, 2014


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Edible Flowers
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Zen Time
You're fooling no one but yourself...Become who you say who are. Don't stop just because you've made enough people believe your words. You'll only be robbing yourself of your own great potential. Don't Stop, keep Going! There's more to discover, more room to grow, many more truths to be discovered.
 We are being tested in all the ways there are to be tempted.

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