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 Summer Colors


 Thank You, Sun..

 Perfect Print, Perfect Frame

 Tiles that look like wood..Cool!

 Thank you to all the farmers who chose to remain as pure and sustainable as possible over the years. Thank you for Loving what you do.


 Gotta Love these Tribal Havaianas

 What if you fly?..

This may just be on my next List of books to read...


 Sibu Beauty Liquid supplement for skin, hair & nails

I don't drink alcohol but I can already tell that this stuff will be the reason I own shot glasses in the future. I've taken Skin/Hair/Nail supplements in the past and decided to give sibu products a try. The main benefit is said to be in the fruit's rare Omega7 content(rare for a fruit) which is known to help improve Cardiovascular health as well as help to improve skin elasticity. I'm already on my second bottle but I haven't been taking the supplement long enough to give a full review on the benefits or any definite improvements. The dosage is 1oz 1-3 times daily. Sibu also makes this Skin/Hair/Nail supplement in capsule form.

 Living Libations Sea Buckthorn Best Skin Ever

This stuff would be my only facial moisturizer is it worked well under my makeup as well. When I wear it on a daily basis I swear this stuff enhances my color or gives me a slight tan/glow or something but that may have more to do with eating healthier. I also love the smell and I sometimes wear it as a perfume oil. It's also said to help with skin elasticity and make your skin more supple especially in the case of pregnant women's. Everyone always has something good to say about this face&Body oil and seabuckthorn oil is always a Good idea when it comes to skin. It's important to note that you really only need very little product for each application to the face and/or neck. I'm so used to slathering on creamss and lotions that I can easily apply to much sometimes without realizes it. If I apply too much product to my face on a consistent basis I will have a zit or 2 pop up, if I don't then that won't happen.

Your gums will absolutely love you for using this on a regular basis. We tend to pay so much attention to our teeth and very little attention to the rest of our mouth like out tongue and gums.. Truth is, it's all equally important in there.  Our gums are affected by what we eat and how we brush our teeth.  It's said that receding gums is a part of aging but it's mostly caused by too much acid in the mouth and vigorous brushing of the teeth. What most of us don't know is that our gum tissue, once we begin to treat it right by making some simple changes, can and in most cases will grow back.  The more gum tissue we have, they stronger and more protected out teeth will be so it's very important that we maintain a healthy gum line and gum tissue.
 This particular gum formula is made with; Seabuckthorn berry oil, jojoba oil, Peppermint, Rose, Clove, Cinnamon, Oregano, TeaTree and Thyme linalool oil.  I usually rub a drop of it along the floss before I floss or put a couple drops on my finger and massage top and bottom front gums. 
Living Libations makes a few different gum health formulas but Dr Tungs also makes an interesting gum formula which I would  also love to try. When it comes to Natural and Holistic dental care I really trust Nadine Artemis and Dr.Tungs' knowledge, Products and information is all simple, effective and it makes sense.
 Dr. Sponge Charcoal Facial Cleansing Konjac Sponge

The more I use this thing the more I like it. Some use it with a cleanser and others choose to use it without because it just doesn't seem necessary. The sponge is actually made from the konjac root(Root Vegetable) and is said to have been used for several centuries as part of Ancient Japanese Culture. The Konjac Root is said to have some major detoxifying effects on the body and in this case, the skin. 
I've been using this on my face for a little more than a month. I generally use it with cleanser to completely cleanse my face of any makeup that is left over after I use coconut oil or a makeup wipe. I love the way the sponge feels on my skin the way my skin feels after I use the sponge and it also does helped to minimize my breakouts. That said I don't think it's completely necessary to have. It's supposed to last for 3 months but the fact that it may be gathering bacteria in my bathroom or where ever I hang it to dry, kind of freaks me out. I love it for the time that i've had it but I don't think i'll be repurchasing it. If I change my mind, or figure out a way to clean it, I'll let you know.

Raw Cereal with dairy-free milk recipe

Best Cereal I've ever had! I didn't like dried mulberries when I first tasted them but began having crazy cravings for them soon after. After seeing FullyRaw Kristina's Raw Cereal Recipe Video on YouTube, I decided to give it a try.
 To make my own Raw cereal I usually use some Dried Mulberries, a little Raw Buckwheat Granola(Living Intentions Maca Honeycomb/Acai Bluberry), a handful of Frozen blueberries and whatever Fresh Fruit I happen to have; Sliced Bananas/Peaches/Raspberries.. I then add some Hemp milk and I have myself an Amazing bowl of Yummy Raw cereal. You can have this dish at any time of the day. I'll usually eat it for Breakfast or Lunch or as an Afternoon snack around 4pm.


 Flow in pose


 Discipline Yourself..

 Reading Loves You!

 Neon Pineapples

 You become what you eat..


 Afro' Centric.

 Garden wall of Succulents.

Opportunities to Create.


Girl Boss By: Sophia Amoruso

Eating For Beauty By: David Wolfe

The Body Book By: Cameron Diaz

The Glitter Plan By: Pamela Skaist-Levy & Gela Nash-Taylor


 Luscious Flower Crown


 Lokai Earth Bracelet HERE

 Teeth Meridians

 I love the Skeleton Staircases..

 To feel Appreciated.

 Black&White painted brick #StoreFront

Raised bed Vegetable gardens <3 

 Growing your Own food

Past & Present Lives